Christmas Ornament

… made of felt. (The following design uses a thick 3mm 100% wool felt.)



“Step 1: Cut one 6″x 6″ square of felt. (For a piece this large, the felt needs to be pretty stiff, such as this 3mm wool felt. A 2mm thick felt would also work well, but I suggest decreasing the overall scale of the design for better stability.) Mark lines 3/4″ apart, parallel to the perimeter, using a chalk liner pen. Mark a line diagonally across the square from corner to corner.”


“Step 2: Using a straight edge and an Xacto knife, cut along the first line from the corner to about 1/4″ from the diagonal line. Make 2-3 passes with the blade, cutting a little at a time and keeping even pressure on the straight edge so that the felt does not creep while being cut.”


“Repeat until all cuts have been made, keeping the felt intact at each corner on the diagonal line. Chalk lines can be brushed away.”


“Step 3: Lift the corners of the center square and hand stitch the ends together with matching thread. Secure and cut the thread, hiding the knot between layers.”


“Step 4: Turn the piece over and lift the corners of the second square. Overlap the points and stitch together at each point.”


“Step 5: Continue turning the piece over, overlapping points and stitching until all 4 squares are stitched.”


“Step 6: Create a hanging loop at one end with a clear monofilament thread. I added a few felt balls (natch) to mine.
This makes a large ornament, about 10″ in total length. I hung it in our big kitchen window, but was unable to take any good shots of it today as it was too gloomy for nice photography.”

redfelt ornament

“I also experimented with 3″ squares of wool blend felt (thinner) and marking the cut lines 1/4″ apart. I was able to use Fabric-Tac glue instead of hand stitching the corners. This felt was not rigid enough to hold the shape of the 6 piece snowflake when I tried to put several of them together. So, I opted to string them together vertically.”