Shoe Holder

This is so cool! I would definitely need my fiance’s help for that, but I’m absolutely considering the option. 🙂


Interesting Candle Holders

After a nice and relaxing holiday I am back with some tips on candle holders – the unusual ways. (The first one is my favorite.)



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Family Birthdays

I just had the bad luck to forget a family birthday and started planning a vacation including that date. I have a bad memory, so I decided to find a permanent solution for the problem and become the relative that knows every single birthday and nameday (which we celebrate in my country). But I never thought I would bump into such a great, creative idea:


You can find a full tutorial to it HERE.


Hello world!

Happy blogging! – they said.

Thank you, I will! I definitely will. I have created this blog to share my thoughts, hand-crafted works, offers, ideas and other interesting things I find browsing the web. It seems like an unending space of information, where I can spend as much time as I want without feeling satisfied with what I know.

My name is Lorelai and I love beading. And working with polymer clay. And origami as well. And… Well, actually I like to do so many things that need my two hands, my patience and creativity. I like to try new stuffs and it is just amazing how the different matierials change into a lovely, unique creation.

So thank you everyone in advance for reading my blog. I hope you’ll have fun! 🙂