DIY Gift Bags

Since Christmas is AGAIN just around the corner, here is a great idea to start with.

You will need:

– paper (Any kind of paper will do)
– scissors
– glue

Fold down one side of the paper about .5″.
Fold the bottom side inward about 2″, then unfold.
Turn your paper counter-clockwise, then fold inward toward the side with the .5″ fold. Then unfold.

Turn your paper counter clockwise so the bottom fold is back at the bottom. Fold the left and right sides inward toward your middle crease, so you now have four even folds.
Glue the edge of the paper opposite the side with the .5″ fold.
Re-fold that bottom 2″ fold so you have a nice, firm crease. I ran this one along the edge of a desk. Then unfold so you have a square tube.
Pinch the ends shut. It should bend easily where you made your 2″ crease.
Fold down, glue where necessary. Turn the bag upright and press the bottom flat from the inside to make sure the bottom lays flat.
This can be finished in one of two ways. I prefer to fold the inside rim down and make handles, but you can also fold the top down and tie it shut. You’re done!

(source: Imgur)