Basics of paper woven baskets

In order to make basket made of paper tubes, first of all we need to prepare a few (many, actually) tubes.

After cutting the newspaper into stripes, we need to roll them up.



The longer the better: attach the thiner end of one tube into the thicker end of the other one – of course after putting some glue on the thin end. 🙂


Now let’s see how all this makes a real basket:

On a hard cardboard base glue ont he tubes. Make sure you always use even number of tubes on each side; then glue on the other other cardboard base: this makes the basket stronger.

And now comes the weaving. The tube on the corner will be the one you go along with.



When you reach the desired height, you can quite simply hide the ends by shortening the tubes, glueing their ends and with the help of a toothpick, nicely turn it back into your weaving.

Source: How to make papr basket

Some really lovely pieces I have found inspiring:





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